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Out town lies at the northern end of the Köyceğiz lake from which the town takes its name. It is a hidden paradise between the citrus groves and sweet gum forests. Köyceğiz lake is 52 km'2 in size and via the Dalyan channel it reaches the Mediterrean Sea through a winding reed lined maze. There is a constant current into the lake. Salty water and fresh water mixes together. This gives a special flavour to fishery products and also prevents the lake from contamination. The impact of the Mediterrean climate and the valleys extending from mountainous areas to the coastal areas enrich the vegetation and animal species in the area.  Alongside with blue crabs, mountain goats, Nile Turtles, Caretta Caretta turtles, 150 kinds of birds species are observed.

Köyceğiz in the periphery distances is as follows;

Köyceğiz - Kaunos 39 km (Kaunos antik kenti & müzesi)
Köyceğiz - Ekincik 35 km
Köyceğiz - Sultaniye 22 km
Köyceğiz - Dalyan 30 km
Köyceğiz - Yuvarlakçay 15 km
Köyceğiz - Şelale 7 km
Köyceğiz - Yayla Köy 15 km
Köyceğiz - Kartal Gölü 22 km
Köyceğiz - Dalaman Airport 29 km
Köyceğiz - Fethiye 65 km
Köyceğiz - Akyaka 28 km
Köyceğiz - Marmaris 60 km

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